About us


EVENTPLUS, events and tourism, has been creating big and small, unique events for more then 20 years.

Now we decided to add to our services another unique product that impressed us while we were part of a big event in Finland: BBQ wooden hut.

Company Eventplus d.o.o. is exclusive retailer for the finnish company TIMAPUU for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro, which is the No.1 BBQ wooden hut manufacturer in Europe.

TIMAPUU has been making Wooden & Wooden Barbecue Huts since 1995. They are professional, experienced team of huts manufacturers, project management specialists and hut fitters. Over the years, they have delivered thousands of wooden huts, saunas and summer houses products all around the world.

For more informations about the products we offer you can call us on +386 (0)41 695 013 or write us on: info@eventkoca.si. We supply our products anywhere in Europe.